La voce dei pazienti #fdrs2019

How I Lost Over 6 Dress Sizes Without Surgery – my lipedema journey – Cheryl Scoledge

Patient report from #FDRS2019. Cheryl is a lipedema patient who has also Ehler Danlos. She tells about her nutritional journey with an autoimmune approach. 


How Low Can YOU Go

Gillian Szollos


Success with Lipedema on a Zero carb/ Carnivore Ketogenic Diet. Patient report from #FDRS2019.


Viking Winter Diet

Ariene Nelson

Treating obesity and autoimmune disease through Vitamin A elimination. Patient report from #FDRS2019

A Healthy Diet and Exercise to Manage Lipedema with Amanda Arlauskas – The Lipedema University

Growing up I was always a little bit heavier, and then as I got past puberty, I started to realize I was really gaining weight. Not only was I gaining weight in my stomach region, but I noticed my legs were getting bigger too. And I just thought it was all a part of obesity. I thought I was a victim of obesity, and I started to accept that was who I was, though I was very unhappy and I wasn’t happy being that person, I started to accept that’s who I was.

A Healthy Diet and Practices for Lipedema with Katherine Miller – THE Lipedema University.

One of the things that I love about the Lipedema Project is that the message that’s being sent out is “it’s not your fault.” For one thing, doctors don’t know exactly what’s going on here. How could anyone else have known what they should have been doing in order to prevent a condition like that? So that’s number one, is just to start with a completely clean slate.

Managing Lipedema with Diet and Exercise with Kara Rittenhouse – THE Lipedema University.

I am currently in Charleston, South Carolina. I grew up in Massachusetts, started college there, kind of bounced around, and then went off to University of Hawaii, where I finished my bachelor’s. And then that’s where I met my husband. We have three kids, they were all born in Hawaii. Keao’s ten, Kai’s five-and-a-half, and Keanu is three. I noticed something was different with my legs going back to middle school time. My legs weren’t looking like my friends’ were looking, and I was starting to put some weight on, mostly in my legs and around my ankle area, which my other friends didn’t have. So this is the area right in here, and I get this line, almost like a cuff line. I don’t have any swelling here, I have regular here. For lymphedema, you’d pinch here and there’d be swelling and you could see it.


Over 10% of all women worldwide have a medical condition called Lipedema. If you are a healthcare coach, nurse, therapist, doctor, trainer, or other holistic practitioner; you’re probably surprised to learn that 10% of the women YOU work with have this disease. Lipedema is under diagnosed, often confused with obesity, and not affected by calorie counting diets or exercise. It appears there’s a connection to Food Sensitivites. If you’re PASSIONATE about HELPING WOMEN, join me to find out how to coach these women and make a difference in their lives! It’ll make a difference in your practice!

I’m on a mission to make the women’s disease Lipedema a household name!

Lipedema & Food Sensitivities: Resource Center for Healthcare Professionals